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The Voice of Mason Korea


The Introduction

The Voice is Mason Korea’s oldest independent student-run media organization, operating since 2015. Providing the community with the latest news and events, The Voice is funded by the University Life Office of George Mason University Korea. 


Our mission is to inform and reflect the Mason Korea community, as well as make it aware through considerate and critical journalism. While The Voice views issues in a liberal light, it remains neutral in entertaining voices from all aspects. As a media organization, we are committed to training and teaching students the skill sets and core values of journalism and uplifting the voices of marginalized communities in our work.



To inform students, faculty, and alumni about what is happening in the Incheon Global Campus and the global society in the most professional manner of campus journalism.

Contact Information
Contact Information
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Instagram: @thevoice_mk

Facebook: The Voice of Mason Korea

YouTube: The Voice of Mason Korea



한국조지메이슨대학교 G717, 119-4 송도문화로, 송도1동 연수구 인천광역시

George Mason University Korea G411, 119 Songdomunhwo-ro, Yeonsu-gu,  Incheon, Korea

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